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Soon you can order your Snow Queen DVD, commemorative show programs,  Snow Queen T-shirts, Snow Queen Mugs, Snow Queen ornaments, cast autographed Snow Queen story books, unsigned story books, our Snow Queen’s musical CD as composed by Randall Michael Tobin and much more!

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 Support the “Snow Queen”

“The Snow Queen” is a delightful winter production adapted for ballet from the classic children’s story written by Hans Christian Andersen demonstrating that friendship, hope, integrity, persistence toward one’s goals and determination can enable anyone to overcome life’s obstacles. Due to its message that is still relevant to our current culture, California Contemporary Ballet chose this ballet to produce annually. Each year, proceeds from ticket sales help to defray, but certainly do not completely cover, the multitude of expenses associated with this production, including, but not limited to, (i) the acquisition of new costumes or the refurbishment of costumes maintained in the Company’s existing wardrobe, (ii) the production of promotional and advertising materials, (iii) the construction of sets and refurbishment of existing scenery and props maintained by the Company, (iv) the salary of minimum hired professionals for design of lighting, sets, technical director etc… and (v) the salaries of the principal dancers, (vi) production costs including but not limited to theater rental, travel and other expenses.  California Contemporary Ballet is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization supporting the development and advancement of cultural art through dance awareness and cultivation of dance talent.  Become a Snow Queen Sponsor or Patron today by making your tax free donation of any size. Take personal pride in supporting the development of a grass roots effort to facilitate the Snow Queen’s potential. Even the smallest donation is appreciated.  There are no boundaries for the Snow Queen’s final destination but you can help get her there!  Join us and see how high she can fly!   Determined by the extent of your donation, you may be rewarded with complementary merchandise, preferred seating, patron receptions and back stage passes, complementary tickets and award plaques for display.  Each generous Patron and Sponsor is acknowledged in our beautiful color commemorative program.  Please join our circle of Snow Queen Friends as a Patron or Sponsor in support of a classic tale that is quickly becoming the newest ballet tradition.